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Sauce Skin Hair

Sauce Gua Sha

Sauce Gua Sha

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- 100% Stainless Steel Gua Sha

- Professional Grade Sculpting Tool

- Used best with Sauce Oil as a slip agent.

- For: Lifting, Skin Contour, Your everyday ritual, Pain relief, Blood circulation /Anti-Inflammatory and Lymphatic drainage.

The practice of Gua Sha originates from traditional Chinese medicine, which has been practiced for centuries. This stainless steel Gua Sha Tool makes the skin appear healthier and firmer through massage, to de-puff while relieving muscular tension. Skin feels lifted and invigorated. Non-porous stainless steel is simple to clean and has durability for everyday long-term use.

- Usage: Using Sauce Oil between the tool and skin, keeping the tool flat and against the face, scrape upwards and outwards from the centre of the face. Use large flat edges one cheeks and forehead and the small curved edges on nose around eyebrows and along jawline.

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